A Journey of Awakening

Jecica Aum Heart, formerly Jessica Leed Malloy,  Jecica has long desired and worked to empower people to discover, strengthen and align with their own Divine that resides in the heart. She has over 30 years of in-depth training and experience in spiritual techniques and holistic wellness modalities and enjoyed working with clients privately & in groups. However wonderful all of these modalities are, Jecica’s personal experiences frequently were overshadowed by fear, chaos, and overwhelm. No matter how hard she tried, Jecica couldn’t maintain peace, joy or harmony for very long. So she took a hiatus from practicing and facilitating the various transformational & wellness modalities she loved when she met her Teacher of Light in 2020. Jecica has discovered that Awakening / Enlightenment is the way to lasting peace, joy & fulfillment and it must be given.  The Divine Mother (especially for those in America) or a very specialized Light Being, Sri Kalki AmmaBhagavan must remove blockage & contamination and fill us with Light. We cannot do this on our own. Perhaps some time in the future Jecica will offer sessions, classes & webinars. For now, Jecica’s focus is to relax more deeply into the process of witnessing & encouraging the Light with her Teacher.

Jecica Aum Heart / Jessica Leed Malloy’s Background

Empowering People Through
Transformational Prayer

Jecica’s sacred healing journey began when she (Jessica Leed) became a Chiropractic Technician in 1986 and was trained in applied kinesiology (muscle testing) respective to use of nutritional supplements. In 2002 she (Jessica Leed Malloy) was certified as a Practitioner of Transformational Prayer, an all-inclusive approach to lift & transmute negative & limiting energies from people and help them to receive Divine Wisdom. These “Words of Wisdom” are accessed by diving deep within the inner realms of consciousness and connecting on  very profound, sacred levels to Divine Mother, Jesus, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other “Divine Friends” who come in the name of Divine Truth and Divine Love.

Re-organizational Healing With Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

From 2003-2011 Jecica (Jessica Leed Malloy) participated in experiential and training programs led by Dr. Donald Epstein and was certified by him in 2011 as a Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Wellness Educator for the Network Spinal Analysis office. This provided her with the opportunity to serve as the SRI facilitator, offering private and group sessions, in multiple chiropractic practices providing Network Spinal Analysis. Somato Respiratory Integration is a self assessment and re-organizational healing modality which disrupts and releases stress and defense patterns throughout the nervous system and body, and allows us to live a more fully embodied experience. SRI played a very significant role in Jecica’s journey.

Aroma Freedom Technique & Young Living Essential Oils

Jecica’s background prior to discovering the Aroma Freedom Technique set the stage on which Aroma Freedom would make a well-timed appearance in 2016. Jecica was a 53 year old recently divorced mother of 4 (including 3 teens at the time Aroma Freedom arrived on the scene) and had experienced prolonged emotional trauma. Fortunately, Jecica had been using Young Living Essential Oils and products for 14 years, which along with some key practices and wellness modalities, kept her functional and growing, albeit growing at a slower rate than she knew she desired and was capable of in her life. Jecica’s passion for Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) & numerous YLEO products, and her love & appreciation for the Young Living Essential Oil Company itself (the integrity, purity and quality of YLEO is off the charts!), combined with her former work as a chiropractic technician responsible for patient education and nutrition, led her to offer various holistic modalities in her Integrated Wellness Practice.

The Memory Resolution Technique & Integrated Emotional Release

A favorite technique that Jecica provided in her office: an “Integrated Emotional Release” with YL Essential Oils (as D. Gary Young developed with the YLEO Feelings Collection). Combined with other modalities, it releases emotions and corresponding defense patterns that are stored in the subconscious mind. A closely related process to Aroma Freedom Technique is The Memory Resolution Technique (TMRT) and it comes under the umbrella of Aroma Freedom. Jecica’s experiences showed her that the Aroma Freedom Technique was fast, accessible, profound; the combination of AFT and TMRT was tremendously powerful and greatly helped Jecica to recover from her emotional trauma and move forward with increased confidence & joy. Jecica knew Aroma Freedom was going to be a great addition to the tools she was already using for herself and for clients in her Integrated Wellness Practice. Aroma Freedom and The Memory Resolution Technique both exclusively utilize Young Living Essential Oils and were a perfect fit! Jecica became certified as a Practitioner of the Aroma Freedom Technique (TMRT is included in the AFT certification) in 2017. AFT is good for those who are ready to address their goals directly; and TMRT can be utilized for when a people have a painful or recurring memory blocking them from even addressing a goal.

Go Chemical Free With Jecica & Young Living Essential Oil Company

Jecica is so passionate about Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) & products that she would love to see every household switch from toxic chemical cleaners, personal care products, perfumes and make-up to the Young Living alternative product or pure essential oils. These products have been life-changing for Jecica and her loved ones. How wonderful it would be if every person got nutritional support by taking exceptional essential oil-enhanced supplements from Young Living! Jecica has a desire for a YLEO business/organization. You may contact Jecica if you wish to know more about these incredible therapeutic grade essential oils and products; how to have your home become chemical free; how to stay above the wellness line; and how to get a 24% discount on Young Living Essential Oils and become part of a YLEO team with Jecica. She (with her legal name Jessica Malloy) has been an Independent Distributor of YLEOils for over 20 years.

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