What is the Aroma Freedom Technique?

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) effectively helps you identify & release negative thoughts, feelings, and memories blocking fulfillment of your goals. This sets your emotional energy in a positive direction towards growth & expansion. Many people are stuck in fear & doubt.  AFT uses Young Living Essential Oils to create permanent shifts in how you view yourself & the world.  AFT uses the brain’s natural function of memory reconsolidation.*  It quickly & easily shifts even long held negative beliefs and increases joyful attitudes.

What Happens During the Aroma Freedom Technique Session?

Aroma Freedom sessions follow a 12-step process to remove mental & emotional blocks to fulfilling your passion, purpose, or heart’s desire. During your Aroma Freedom sessions, Jecica Aum Heart (formerly Jessica Leed Malloy) will guide you how to apply the appropriate Young Living Essential Oils. You will go through several rounds of the 12-step AFT process. Sometimes a deeply held issue may need more than one session. Ultimately, Aroma Freedom sessions help you feel more relaxed & peaceful and empower you.


How to Get Aroma Freedom Sessions with Jecica!

Jecica brings experience & inspiration to support you.  We can do AFT in person, via phone or online platform. We can do Aroma Freedom sessions for individuals and groups.

  1. Contact Jecica with the primary goal(s) you want to address and verify that the Aroma Freedom Technique is the most appropriate wellness modality for you.
  2. Prior to your scheduled Aroma Freedom sessions we will arrange for you to have the necessary essential oils from Young Living Essential Oil Company (YLEO). We will discuss the ways you can do that.

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Why Does the Aroma Freedom Technique Work &
Who Developed AFT?

The Aroma Freedom Technique was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. AFT includes elements of traditional psychology and uses Young Living Essential Oils as an external stimuli. More quickly & comfortably than some modalities, AFT moves people through obstacles to achieving their goals & fulfilling their dreams.

Dr. Perkus explains why the Aroma Freedom Technique works:

Memory Reconsolidation

*”Memory Reconsolidation is a newly discovered process by which our brain updates our mental map of the world so that we know what to expect from life. For many years, neuroscientists believed that our early, emotional experiences created mental maps that could not be modified. But recent advances in neuroscience have demonstrated that, under the right conditions, we can “unlearn” our old patterns and “reprogram” our memories, thoughts, and feelings. As it turns out, The Aroma Freedom Technique does this quickly and easily!

Wholeness & Peace

“Why is Memory Reconsolidation so important? Without Reconsolidation: stressful memories continue to trigger negative thoughts and feelings; effort is continually needed to override undesired behaviors; inner conflict is present. With Reconsolidation: old memories no longer trigger negative thoughts and feelings; new behaviors can be integrated with little effort; a sense of wholeness and peace becomes natural.

Simple & Effective

“The Aroma Freedom Technique has been embraced for its simplicity and effectiveness in providing release from negative thoughts, feelings and memories, some of which may have been present for years or even decades. One of the most striking aspects of AFT is how memories that had been bothersome for a long time can very quickly be rendered benign, and that remaining calm when thinking about past events becomes easy and effortless. During Aroma Freedom sessions, the memories themselves seem to change – the visual images, the feelings, the bodily sensations, and of course the thoughts we have about events we are remembering, can all change or even disappear altogether.

More Joyful & Adaptive Attitudes

“Can our memories themselves be altered by using AFT? If so, what implication does this have for our lives? The new science of Memory Reconsolidation suggests that emotional memories, which formerly had been thought to be fixed forever in our brain synaptic networks, can actually be modified when certain conditions are present. Furthermore, every therapeutic process that induces deep change uses memory reconsolidation, either implicitly or explicitly. The Aroma Freedom Technique uses the brain’s natural function of memory reconsolidation to quickly and easily erase even deep-seated negative beliefs and to generate more adaptive and joyful attitudes.”

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) and The Memory Resolution Technique (TMRT) are Done Exclusively with Young Living Essential Oils

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