Coping With Emotions During the Coronavirus Crisis                                                                                             

Obviously, there is a great deal of fear, worry & anxiety being expressed on the planet right now. The global situation with the Coronavirus being declared a pandemic is scary. We’ve never seen anything like it. We are not comfortable with so much uncertainty. Many of us are worried about how we are going to live through and beyond this situation. So many aspects of our daily lives have been disrupted. Most of us first address how to meet our immediate physical needs and those of our loved ones. There has been quite a bit of panic displayed as our basic survival instincts kicked in. But we also really need to look at how emotional turmoil can wreck havoc in so many ways. We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Take a few moments to center, ground, and focus before running off in a state of fear and panic, which we’ve seen has caused some to overbuy and horde supplies that are regularly stocked and available to all. Let’s do our best to calm and care for ourselves and each other. We can do this – though we all may need some help.

Hit the Pause Button (Peace) – Instead of the Panic Button (Fear)

Let’s create coherence and peace instead of chaos and panic, and it will be easier for us to make wise choices moving forward. How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? Can you find more ways to remain calm and do what’s best in the moment?
Q: How do we center, balance and ground ourselves?
A: Breathe! Take 5 minutes to meditate; walk; pray, do yoga; practice tapping (EFT); inhale the aroma of a calming essential oil such as Lavender oil; or visualize yourself in a serene natural setting feeling peaceful. Doing a few of these before leaping into action  – when we feel alarmed, but are not faced with a life-threatening emergency in the moment – can help everyone get their needs met. Coping with the coronavirus is disarming for many of us, but we can take time to get clear before taking necessary steps to ensure our health and safety. Our mental and emotional health are part of the equation and need our attention.

Dealing With Ongoing Emotional Challenges

Feelings are at the forefront for many of us right now. And each of us is dealing with it in our own way. We are individuals going through a shared global experience with varying degrees of difficulty based on our current local conditions. Some of us feel more intensely, and are effected very deeply during a large scale crisis. Highly sensitive people need to pay attention and address their emotional health more than those who are less sensitive. Know yourself and get the support you need! Have courage to use the tools and resources available to work through your feelings. I am available for remote or distance sessions. Click around my site to see what I offer and contact me. Because if we give ourselves permission to go into our feelings and allow them instead of pushing them away and resisting them, we have a huge opportunity right now for us to “go there.”  We may find that even if we are practicing good self-care right now, that we have certain emotions that come up again and again. We may need to look at certain beliefs, conditions, and systems that have been running in the background. That’s what I’m experiencing, and this is a good time to take inventory and share our understanding and growth with each other.

Examine Your Beliefs and Agreements

My experience as I go through this includes a lot of fear, worry & tension. I am a sensitive person, and I definitely feel the collective fear of the human race-mind consciousness during this Corona Virus pandemic. I feel a lot of physical pain in my back , shoulders, neck & knees. I realize that I am resisting the fear instead of accepting it. But there is that old adage, “What you resist will persist!” Oops. I’m human, too, and this is my first pandemic. We are all in uncharted waters right now. So I’m using my tools and techniques to go in deeper, to find what’s underneath or behind the feelings. What am I telling myself? What do I believe? My! – what I’ve uncovered: tribal agreements which bind me to things that conflict with my core values. But I have made them to gain approval & safety from the Tribe.  I am in the midst of unraveling old knots of self-inflicted pain created by going along with the Tribe.

Breaking Old Agreements & Replacing Them With Better Ones

I find myself breaking agreements & identifications that I have made throughout my lifetime that keep me a slave to the false-reality human matrix/stories that no longer serve me. I want to be my Self, living free in my own integrity, unbound by “The Book of Law” that I have assembled over the course of my life (See Don Miguel Ruiz’s books: The Four Agreements; and The Four Agreements Companion Book; ). I am engaged in the process of becoming more aware of when and why I judge & punish myself; what it is that I believe I’ve done wrong, and I’m breaking the offending agreements as I discover them. And I’m replacing those limiting agreements with the Four Agreements espoused by Don Miguel Ruiz: I refrain from taking things personally; I refrain from making assumptions; I do my best & know my best is good enough; and I am impeccable with my word. I recognize that this is a process, and I am learning. It’s natural to feel vulnerable when pulling away from your Tribe and the Tribal beliefs. There may be times when you resist the undoing of long-held agreements with your Tribe. You’re not alone; and I ‘m here to assist.

Let’s Weather the Storm Together

So while there is considerable fear, worry & anxiety circulating right now, the global coronavirus situation is providing us with the opportunity for us to break free from whatever beliefs, systems, and conditions have been enslaving us. Have heart, take courage. We have tools and techniques to get grounded, clear and balanced. We can go through the storm together knowing that there are ways to come out with greater clarity, wisdom, and faith. Faith that we are equipped with internal guidance which will show us which way to go when we pause to feel and heal. We can be coping with the coronavirus crisis in positive and constructive ways. So it feels like I’m right on schedule – becoming more aware and getting lighter and clearer to assist those who are ready to embark on this aspect of the journey. Let me know where you are in your process, and we can explore your best path through it.

Coping with the Coronavirus Crisis

Jecica Aum Heart

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