Detoxing Can Be An Emotional Roller Coaster

We all need to do sensible detoxing periodically. Most of us are taking in a heavy load of toxins. Think about what’s in the air we breath, water we use, food & drinks we consume, skin & hair products we put on, and chemicals we encounter at home, school, work – out on farmland or in big cities. This blog post is not primarily about why we need to detox or how to choose the type of detox program that’s best for you. Those are very important and need to be examined thoroughly prior to detoxing. So while it is generally healthy for most people to do at appropriate times, this article is pointing out that detoxing can be a potential emotional roller coaster. It’s good to prepare for that as you plan the suitable detox program for wherever you are on your wellness journey.

Reducing Carbs & Protein

If you have done detox programs that last for more than several days, then you may already know that detoxing can be a potential emotional roller coaster! Historically, I don’t do well with fasting. A decade or so ago, I learned about nutritive cleanses. They appear to be much more effective for many people than more austere fasts and cleanses. I’ve done the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse from Young Living Essential Oil Company about 10 times fairly well. But by evening I usually want DINNER! Right now I’m on a 45 day nutritive detox program recommended by a wellness practitioner who has a lot of knowledge about cleanses; she does cleanses routinely herself.

Raw vs Cooked Foods

My practitioner explained to me that if we consume cooked too much protein and/or high nutrient-dense foods – or any cooked foods – the body will be in building mode instead of detox mode. My detox program: 10 days on very specific low protein, low nutrient-dense supplements with no cooked foods, just a few raw veggies, avocados & blueberries basically for snacks. Then 7 days off of the supplement regime. I’m still eating a very restricted diet, but I can have chicken, fish, basmati rice (no other carbs), some cooked or raw veggies. Then I go back on the supplements for another 10-days. This program requires supplements every 2 hours. First I  take amino acids; and 2 hours later I alternate that with a green shake. I take each 3 times daily, 2 hours apart. It also has me taking 2 supplements prior to bed. I have another 7 days off the supplements with the super-restricted optional dietary add-ons. The add-ons are for those of us who must actually EAT FOOD to get through a day! Attachment to food(s) is one of the reasons I’m saying that detoxing can be an emotional roller coaster. It becomes pretty clear as a person moves through a detox program that they can get pretty out of sorts when denied their favorite foods.

Denying + Craving Comfort Foods = Emotional Roller Coaster!

OK. Now I’m in my third round of 10 days on the detox supplements. It’s Day 3. I’m doing well at this point. I think I’ve grown a bit (after groaning a LOT)! During the first two 10-day detox programs, I came totally unglued emotionally between Day 3 – Day 6. It was ugly. Fear, anger, worry, frustration, anxiety, rage…out. of. control. YIKES! I still have two children living at home, one 12 & one 17. My 19 year old came to visit during that time. Oh. I started the 45 day detox between Christmas and New Years! My 22 year old was home visiting from college as well. It was a very ATYPICAL New Year’s Eve celebration, let me tell you! And I was not pleased to be denying myself of my favorite foods, drinks & treats! None of the typical finger foods, no bubbly. I really wanted those comfort foods! The internal battle I had between satisfying my cravings and staying within my detox program was definitely an emotional roller coaster.

Inform Family Members & Take Time Out to For Your Self-Care

So I was not very pleasant to be around at times – for example – most afternoons, dinner times & bedtimes! Yes, old, unresolved issues came up that I needed to address. This is another reason I say that detoxing can be an emotional roller coaster. It should be noted that in my case, Candida overgrowth is part of the picture. To starve the Candida, I need to be free from most carbs, sugar & alcohol. I also need to avoid all high oxalate foods, such as quinoa, almonds & leafy green veggies. (I’ll save the oxalate subject for another post – think kidney stones). Around Day 3, I guess we start missing – and craving – our comfort foods. It could be the Candida starting to die off, demanding to be fed the carbs & sugars. Or perhaps the unresolved emotional issues start to surface first, prompting us to soothe and distract ourselves with those comfort foods. It doesn’t much matter which comes first. What matters is that we are prepared to go promptly and deeply into excellent self-care. That can protect us from saying or doing inappropriate things that may hurt those around us, undermine our relationships or sabotage our success and well-being. It is kind and considerate to inform your family members ahead of time about the potential challenges that may come up during your detox program. Having some timely discussions can help avoid misunderstandings and provide you with some support.

Spiritual Techniques & Prayer Save the Day!

I am grateful that during this time I found relief, comfort and support through a spiritual technique I had been using for many years – though not to the degree that I discovered during my first 10-day cleanse.  Praying – for me and my family – to get through what I was enduring mentally, emotionally & physically, I looked in the right place at the right time and found new tools to apply within this spiritual technique throughout every day. It has helped me to be more balanced and feel more accepting of myself. I became acutely aware of one area of self-care that I really need to focus on: bedtime! When we do a cleanse, we need to get to bed by 10 pm to give the liver – the major cleansing organ in our bodies – time to go through its own 2-hour cleansing cycle withing every 24 hour period. Finding a spiritual tool that fits you and your needs can be a great benefit whether you experience detoxing as an emotional roller coaster or not.

Get Support When You Do Your Detox Program

Almost everyone will have some level of emotional detox come up during a physical cleanse. If you need support with emotional issues, one of my modalities may be just the ticket to help you navigate through the rough water and find smoother sailing – whether you’re doing a detox program or dealing with life! Doing the Aroma Freedom Technique or The Memory Release Technique using Young Living Essential Oils can have a profoundly  harmonizing effect on the emotions. Or perhaps an energy scan with chakra balancing. Contact me if you would like to explore these or other options for working together!

Detoxing Can Be An Emotional Roller Coaster
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