We Each Have Truth Which Is To Be Uniquely Expressed By Our Authentic Self

Each of us is an exquisite expression of Divine Love. We each have truth which is to be uniquely expressed by our authentic Self. No one else can do it for us; there isn’t anyone else on Earth exactly the same who is designed and destined to deliver the truth that you are here to share with the world. It is everyone’s responsibility to “Speak the truth with love & let God do the rest.” Let’s do what we are called to do, and say what we are here to say. Let’s clear the way, so that we can. We need courage to shine our light!


It’s Our Joy And Birthright To Be Free And Fully Express Ourselves

What darkness could be eliminated if each of us was shining brightly instead of hiding our magnificence for fear of “upsetting the apple cart?” We don’t mind all the apples when we stroll though an apple orchard to enjoy the bountiful harvest; instead, we celebrate & appreciate the abundance! It is our joy and birthright to be free and fully express ourselves. So give yourself – and others – permission to do so. Remember that love, compassion and acceptance are part of the dynamic here. Everything flows from love; we need to allow everyone and everything to simply BE. Please contact me to see how I can help you take courage and make progress in expressing your authentic Self from the core of who you realy are. It’s an amazing process! Let’s find the best path for you.

Express Your Authentic Self
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Jecica Aum Heart

I love the journey of awakening and empowering myself & others to discover, witness & align with the Divine/Higher Self/Heart. To connect with me please submit the contact form at https://www.thesacredhealer.com/contact/ Open your heart and trust the Universe to guide you!