Emotional Dumping

Ever have someone throw some sharp daggers your way? Does it feel like you’ve been the recipient of emotional dumping? If so, how did you handle it? Did you recoil and become defensive? Were you overcome with the desire to reciprocate and take aim with poison darts of your own? Did you obsess over things they said about you?


Dealing With Negativity 

Maybe you’re like me & said yes to all of those. It can be challenging to deal with negativity & criticism that is delivered inappropriately. We may dwell on the ones who do this and attempt to fix them instead of maintaining healthy boundaries. “When our preoccupation with others distracts us from our responsibilities to attend to our own physical, emotional, and spiritual health, we suffer…We become incapable of accepting reality, coping with change, or finding happiness.” (From page 46, How Al-Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics.)

Compassion For Self And Others

We all encounter “difficult people” in our lives. It doesn’t serve us or them to engage in hostile exchanges or tell them what they “should” do to be better or nicer people. What circumstances led to their cruel words? Are they well? Can we really know what they are going through? No one knows what experiences you’ve had but you & God-Spirit-Source. And no one knows what experiences I’ve had but me & God-Spirit-Source. You are the creator of your reality. I am the creator of my reality.



Find What Fills You With Positive Energy

We give our thoughts, actions & experiences the meaning we choose to give them. We can choose to be victims or victors. Are you going to attach so much meaning to negative experiences that they define you and what you perceive in the next moment? Are you going to let something that happened drain you of your life force? Or are you going to take responsibility to find the people, places & things that fill you with positive energy?

Free Yourself From Expectations             
And Be Grateful For Happy Moments

We each need to get our tank filled up from good & wonderful people who care about & support us – and from our loving, compassionate God-Spirit-Source. We don’t turn to sources of negativity & pain to affirm & uplift us! The occasional spontaneous, heart-felt positive exchanges we have with negative people from time to time are genuine & wonderful. We best not expect them; they are happy gems to treasure & be grateful for in the moment. Maybe that’s a good approach to life: “Be free from expectations & be grateful for happy gems in the moment.” I like that. If you need resolution to emotionally charged experiences, please click the contact link and submit the form on the contact page. Let’s see how I can help you move through them to be more free.

Be Free From Expectations & Be Grateful For Happy Gems in the Moment

Jecica Aum Heart

I love the journey of awakening and empowering myself & others to discover, witness & align with the Divine/Higher Self/Heart. To connect with me please submit the contact form at https://www.thesacredhealer.com/contact/ Open your heart and trust the Universe to guide you!