Are We Addressing or Suppressing Disease?

Homeopathic remedies can be a safe alternative to allopathic drugs in some cases.If we aren’t familiar with principles of holistic wellness modalities such as essential oils or homeopathic remedies versus the actions of allopathic medicines, we may be unaware that commonly prescribed drugs, such as antibiotics and steroids, drive disease processes deeper into the tissues and suppress them. The disease process will have to manifest at some point in the future if suppressed with pharmaceuticals. Many of the serious illnesses that we unfortunately see manifest all too frequently ARE THE RESULT OF REPEATED SUPPRESSION OF DISEASE PROCESSES BY USE OF DRUGS! And these serious, often terminal, diseases could have been avoided by letting the body fight off the original disease process NATURALLY – INSTEAD OF SUPPRESSING IT!

Take Personal Responsibility

Of course, the individual may need various forms of support during any type of disease process. That is our responsibilitywe need to make choices to find out what those needs are and to meet them OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF WHATEVER ACTION OR INACTION WE TAKE. We are very fortunate that methods and technologies exists to balance the body, so it can heal itself. I am so grateful and love sharing many of these holistic wellness modalities. Have you taken a serious look at holistic vs allopathic approaches to your wellness?

Research Your Options; Your Health Matters Most to You

doing research on a laptop computerRemember that while it may appear that everyone on your health care team has your best interests in mind, each player has their own interests and end game. Research all of your options. Your health matters the most to you! You have the most to gain or lose when it comes to which course of action fits your life plan.  Some of your providers may not be giving you the bigger picture. Are holistic wellness modalities a consideration for your current health care team? Maybe you’re not quite with me yet. After all, you have your paradigm, knowledge, training, experience and I have mine. But I may have something valuable for you, so read on. We live in a culture that programs most of us to believe in the allopathic medical approach. Have you noticed how much advertising is by pharmaceutical companies – TV, radio, internet, print?

Toxic Load

I generally reject that approach. Why? Because in most cases we are not suffering from an imbalance or disease caused Allopathic-pharmaceutical pillsby a deficit of pharmaceutical drugs! These chemicals poison the body. We already have put a huge toxic load on our bodies due to food additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners & colors; air, water and soil pollution;  and high levels of stress and inflammation. We don’t need to add a steady diet of pharmaceuticals to an already overburdened physiology. Sometimes a poison can save your life, but quite often it causes a breakdown in a natural biochemical pathway that harms or weakens you in a matter of time. I do concede that there are conditions that sometimes can be rectified with medical intervention/surgery – even with allopathic drugs. Friends, relatives, and even I have had specific conditions which were effectively treated by conventional medicine. It can be helpful and life-saving in certain circumstances, but the health care system has become abused and abusive. We need to lighten the toxic load with healthier mindsets, lifestyles and holistic wellness modalities.

Are We Being Deceived?

Natural plant & flloral medicine being crushed in mortar with pestleIt seems that we are faced with a deceptive industrial medical machine that puts profits over people. For example, there are existing preventatives and treatments for cancer which will not poison or kill us – and they are being withheld from us. The research is buried. The proponents are discredited. The whole mainstream medical cancer protocol is suspect; there are oncologists who would not put themselves or their own family members through the cancer treatment protocols which they as medical doctors prescribe to their patients. I do not consent to be programmed and poisoned by the medical industrial complex and its big pharma. We can break step with a system that causes more harm than good at times. Please do your research, so that you make informed choices that serve you and your family more than it serves the people producing the products and services you are considering.  Choose best for yourself. And remember: I’m not a medical doctor; I do not diagnose or cure anything. My passion & purpose are to have full mastery of the gifts of health & wellness in the natural ways that God-Source has provided for us. I share my views and experiences with you. You decide what’s right for you. If we are open to the truth and educate ourselves, we can find abundant information to transform the conventional medical approaches to those that supports higher levels of health & wellness!

Health Care Or Sick Care?

Who is guiding your health? The faux “health care system” – it’s really a sick care system – has ensnared most of us. We may become uneasy thinking about Medical devices and tools on a metal standpeople we care about who don’t follow doctors’ orders. Why is that? Because the social programming of the medical industrial complex is incredibly effective. They have captured us through repetitive marketing and lifetime exposure to that paradigm. That programming is running in our minds as constant background noise. Instead of automatically following the beckoning of Big Pharma, we can re-educate ourselves and learn the truth. It takes time, perseverance, discernment, and courage. Courage not only because you will be going against the beliefs of many friends, family, coworkers and society. But also you’ll be going against the very wealthy & powerful pharmaceutical proponents and propagators. Many of the great natural physicians and holistic health researchers of our time are being suppressed and silenced because the health, well-being, longevity and empowerment of the common people is absolutely NOT what those running the industrial medical complex want. Unfortunately, people don’t know what they don’t know. We have been lulled into complacency by all the entertaining technology that keeps rolling out. And we’ve been distracted by numerous tragedies and crisis conditions put in front of us. We need to continually educate ourselves about holistic wellness modalities and question the messaging coming from the pharmaceutical companies.

The Guiding Authority For Your Well-Being is Within You; Use Discernment

I like to note that there is a Bible passage that says “My people will perish for ignorance.” We must become informed and cast off ignorance! It’s a blessing to have knowledge, wellness is spelled out on a scrabble boardtraining and experience of holistic wellness modalities and energetic health systems. I’m grateful for having very powerful Transformational Prayer and the best quality essential oils in the world, to strengthen and support myself, family, friends and clients in staying above the wellness line. We are sovereign beings. Recognize that you do not have to submit to being programmed, controlled, and manipulated. Humanity has much to learn, but many of us can quickly be on the way to taking back our power and enjoying freedom, good health, and well-being.


Trust Your Higher Self & Your Inner Knowing

The established allopathic medical “standard of care” in many cases actually weakens and suppresses the physiology. We need to see the big picture and take a whole person approach. Be vigilant and diligent. Research, research, research! Discover that we are being bombarded with falsehoods and denied access to some powerful preventatives and remedies. Trust that your inner knowing will guide you to find exactly what you need when you need it.  Ask your Higher Self to reveal to you the remarkable benefits of homeopathy, essential oils, and other natural and holistic wellness modalities.  Ask me if I can help you on your path to wellness with holistic modalities!

Holistic vs Allopathic
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  • November 12, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    Wonderful, Jessica! I’m a writer for Natural Health, which I believe in as fervently as you do. However I also believe in a more integrative approach, barring the onslaught of big pharma. Allopathic medicine is great in times of crisis intervention (broken bones, ectopic pregnancy) but my vote is with prevention and keeping the person accessing their own inner wisdom. You say it beautifull and with great conviction. I’m also taking Christina’s web creation course. See you there! But I’m signing up for your website – Good work!

    • November 13, 2018 at 10:59 am

      Thank you, Nicole! Wonderful to hear from a like-minded proponent of integrative and preventative health & wellness approaches. I appreciate you kind words and welcome you to The Sacred Healer! I look forward to connecting more with you in the near future.

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