Inner Child Metamorphosis: Ready To Take Flight

🦋 Are you connecting with your inner child? Today my inner child called out to me and gave me creative inspiration:

“I’m a butterfly starting to emerge from my cocoon. Ready to free myself – to let go of layers of protection I had wrapped around me. I unfurl & stretch my wings in the air to dry. I’m getting stronger every minute. I lay low & out of sight until at last…I’m ready to take flight.

🦋 “I see things like never before! Everything feels new and exciting! I see magnificent horses in the meadow galloping powerfully near me. Emotions run high, and I’m lifted in the rushing wind! I notice and marvel at everything. The green earth seems to rise up to greet thundering hooves.

“By Grace I am transported, swirling dizzily, into a hedge of exquisite wild roses. I avoid the thorns which are a threat to some and alight blissfully upon the soft petals there. The essence of life is heady! I AM that I AM. And I AM safe here.”

Connect With Your Inner Child

I wrote the prose above while doing inner child work. I was experiencing more serenity than I had for quite a while. It came after a few months of profound exploration and reflection.

My eyes welled up with tears of joy when I drove home from a meeting During that meeting, three people brought up inner child. I took the cue from my Divine Guidance! I asked my inner child what she needed after greeting her lovingly and apologetically.  “I’m so sorry I haven’t given you the loving attention you deserve my dear, young self.”


Visualize Being in Nature with Your Inner Child

I visualized being with my inner child in a beautiful place in nature, writing whatever inspirations came to us while our horses grazed in a mountain meadow of tall grass and wild flowers. Blissful serenity!

It had been far too long since I took the time to simply be in loving connection with her. Thank you, Divine Mother/Universal Intelligence – for delivering a wonderful reminder that there is a little girl in me who loves mountain meadows, wild flowers, horses and – butterflies!

It’s time to emerge from my long slumber and look at my own needs with eyes of love.

Can you open your heart and awaken to the needs of your inner child? That connection is always within you and can be activated simply with your loving attention and imagination.

Inner Child: Butterfly Emerges!
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Jecica Aum Heart

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