I took a long pause for peace & clarity

From April 2020 through June 2020 I immersed myself in what I most needed. Healing, clearing, resting, researching, and confronting myself with the truth about me and my life. Working with special groups and organizations and engaging in deep meditations, phenomenal processes, and extraordinary experiences have brought me to more peace & clarity from which to share my gifts with the world and to better serve others.

I learned a lot and grew tremendously

I hope you did too.  Are you still searching, reaching, wishing for more peace & clarity? Please contact me and let’s see what I can do to assist you on your journey to health & wholeness. Maybe you need to pause for peace & clarity and get some support from The Sacred Healer to truly express your authentic self.

Pause for Peace

Jecica Aum Heart

I love the journey of awakening and empowering myself & others to discover, witness & align with the Divine/Higher Self/Heart. To connect with me please submit the contact form at https://www.thesacredhealer.com/contact/ Open your heart and trust the Universe to guide you!