Sunlight is a key component in Quantum Biology & living in tune with your circadian rhythm.Quantum Biology

The Quantum Biology Summit Replay October 28-30, 2022 is free & contains valuable health information that will benefit you and your family and friends! I was introduced to “Quantum Biology” in 2021, when I took the “Quantum Health Master Class“ co-taught by two fantastic people, Carrie Bennett and Corey Ghazvini. I was so excited to implement & share the practical wisdom that I learned during that course. I am incredibly pleased to share that Carrie and Cory are both featured speakers of a recent quantum biology summit which is being replayed over 2 1/2 days October 28-30. Consider watching it and glean what you can.

The Quantum Biology Summit Replay October 28-30, 2022

The Quantum Biology Summit Replay October 28-30, 2022 is two and a half days of wonderful presentations by leading edge Quantum Biology clinicians and health enthusiasts. The first video of Day 1 has an excellent layperson’s overview of Quantum Biology and leads into the impactful Quantum Biology clinician Carrie Bennett talking about Light, “The Body Electric: The Stunning Truth About the Quantum Nature of Human Health.” At some point during the summit, Corey Ghazvini, DOM Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine has a presentation called “How To Optimize Your Sleep And Change Your Life.” Carrie and Corey are highly intelligent AND intuitive with a plethora of practical tips for healthy living to support our circadian rhythms.

Quantum Biology Summit Info & Replay Link

Here’s the link and the first paragraph on the Quantum Biology Summit Replay October 28-30, 2022 registration page: “This is a replay of the first event of its kind, a world class collection of expert practitioners speaking *only* about light & health. There’s a ton of fantastic info out there on diet, gut, exercise and supplements. This is different: it’s a complement to all other areas of health, and ties everything together from a quantum mitochondrial perspective.”


Consciousness is Primary & Quantum Biology Health Approaches Can Support Our Evolution

Consciousness is Primary and Quantum Biology Health Approaches Can Support Our Evolution. While Quantum Biology doesn’t give the whole picture of what we are, as we are consciousness and enlightenment needs to be the highest priority, there are valuable tips for healthy living coming from Quantum Biology Clinicians. I see that part of our current journey as humanity is to reconnect to NATURE and FOLLOW NATURAL LAWS. We will automatically do that more & more as our vibration increases, but humanity’s level of consciousness is not elevating quickly enough! Applying some of the key Quantum Biology perspectives can help us support our health on many levels which in turn supports our bodies’ abilities to experience & maintain higher states of consciousness and make choices that are truly impactful from a higher, holistic perspective!

Increase Light on the Planet & Contribute to
Humanity’s Awakening

Each of us need to be open to consider “something else” – to open to solutions beyond our current knowing – and we must connect with our true nature and our inner Divine Wisdom. When we receive true Divine Guidance we are more able to act in accordance with our hearts for the good of ALL. That will increase light on the planet and contribute to humanity’s awakening. If you want the deepest and most accelerated process to do that, then please click the link to “Transformational Classes with Jill Marquis.”  As I wrote above, Quantum Biology doesn’t provide us with enlightenment, but it can hep us support our vehicle of the human body. So please consider registering & viewing the Quantum Biology Summit! And especially tune into my wonderful, light-filled teachers, Carrie Bennett & Corey Ghazvini.

Transformational Classes with Jill Marquis

The deepest and most accelerated process to increase the light on Earth and best contribute to humanity’s awakening, is available through the regular, frequent, personal guidance and attention from my extraordinary friend and Teacher of Light, Jill Marquis. Please click the link to “Transformational Classes with Jill Marquis” in my sidebar on most pages of my website or click the link below for information about her Lotus Membership on Jill’s website:

The Quantum Biology Summit Replay October 28-30, 2022

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