BIO:  Jessica Leed Malloy

Jessica’s Story                                                            

1981-1985SUNY Oneonta, New York, B.S., General Studies with Biology/Pre-Veterinary/Human Anthropology emphasis
1988-1989Maharishi International University (now Maharishi University of Management) Fairfield, Iowa, M.A. Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI)

2011-Present: Certified Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Wellness Educator for the NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) Office
Private Practice and in the Network Chiropractic (NSA) Offices of  Dr. Alison Knight; Dr.Tracy McConville;  Dr. Amber Fekete; Fairfield
Owner/Practitioner: Jessica Leed Malloy Integrated Wellness Educator, LLC
 Emotional Release Technique with Young Living Essential Oils; Transformational Prayer Healing Sessions, Intuitive Wellness Consulting; Fairfield, IA
1997-Present: Full-Time Mother at Home applying principles/practices of holistic health & wellness raising four children now ages 11, 16, 18 and 21
1989-1991: M.I.U. Staff, Biology Research Assistant to faculty member Dr. Sam James; Fairfield, IA
1986-1988: Chiropractic Technician doing patient intake & education; instruction of corrective and maintenance exercises; nutritional counseling; Dr. Paul R. Bacon, D.C.,
Advanced Spinal Health & Wellness Center, 
140 Edmond Ave., Portsmouth, NH 03801
1985-1986: Receptionist Wadleigh’s Falls Veterinary Clinic, Lee, NH; Dr. Irving Salkovitz, D.V.M.

Specialized Training:


Transcendental Meditation

1987 -(July) Transcendental Meditation (TM) Initiation

1987 -(November) TM Sidhi Program CIC, Cambridge, MA

1987 -(December) TM Sidhi Program Yogic Flying Block, Washington, DC

1991-1992 -TM Teacher Training Course, Huntsville, Ontario Canada


Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)

1987 -Trained by Dr. D. Versendaal; CRA is a technique to test the body-brain-heart

          for deficiencies in organs and systems to manage them holistically (with

          nutrition) and maintain balance in the body mentally, physically and

          spiritually. Massachusetts, USA


Transformational Prayer Technique*

2000-Present Training & Certification by Reverend Connie Huebner,

                        Divine Mother Church, Fairfield, IA

                        Courses Included: Divine Dialog; Living in Divine Grace;

                        Ascension Program; Great Awakenings

                       *This technique involves direct inner/intuitive communication with

                        Jesus Christ, Divine Mother, Ascended Master Saint Germain,

                        Archangels and other Ascended Masters/Divine Beings to

                        energetically free people from limited negative energies and entities.

2002 -Ordained Minister Ordained by Reverend Steven Winn & Reverend Connie

                                          Huebner at completion of Ordination Course, Fairfield, IA


Young Living Essential Oils (YLEOs)

2002-Present: Distributor of YLEOs

2005 –Training at YLEO Company Grand Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah

2006 -Oil Essentials, YLEO Essential Wellness Training

           Instructed by Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., Chicago, Illinois

2014 -School of Nature’s Remedies, YLEO Training, Des Moines, IA


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Specialized Training: continued


Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI; 12 Stages of Healing) & other

Wise World Seminars with Dr. Donald Epstein, D.C.

2001 –Transformational Gate, Denver, Colorado

2003 -Transformational Gate; 12 Stages of Healing (SRI) Program, Denver, CO

2010 -(August) Transformational Gate; Awaken: The Embodied Experience,

          Westminster, CO

2010 -(November) SRI Wellness Educator Training, Westminster, CO

2011 -(February) SRI Symposium; Transformational Gate;

          Mastering Your Triad of Change Program, Westminster, CO

2011 -(May) 12 Stages of Healing (SRI) Program; and SRI Facilitator/Wellness

          Educator Certification Exam, Connecticut, USA

2014  -Transformational Gate; 12 Stages of Healing (SRI) Program,

           Westminster, CO

2016 -Presenter at 6th Annual SRI Symposium; Transformational Gate;

          12 Stages of Healing (SRI) Program, Westminster, CO


Additional Holistic Healing Modalities

Reiki (First Degree) -Instructed by Michael Morgan, Fairfield, IA

Medical Intuitive -Trained by Caroline Sutherland, Fairfield, IA

Kolaimni -Level One taught by Mechi Garza, Fairfield, IA

               -Level Two taught by Marie-Helene Tourenne, Fairfield, IA (2015) BrainGym/Edu-Kinesthetics -BrainGym 101 instructed by Claudia Fischer, Iowa

                -The Dennison Approach to Whole Brain Learning instructed by

                  Dr. Paul Dennison, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Oneness Awakening Programs

               2015-Oneness Awakening Course; Initiated as Oneness Blessing Giver

                        by John and Coralee Dey, Fairfield, IA

               2016-Phenomenon and the Gift Course; Initiated as Golden Orb

                        Deeksha Giver by Oneness University (India) Guide

                        Overland Park (Kansas City), Missouri