A primary goal of The Sacred Healer is to uplift and encourage people as they awaken to experience true, authentic self-expression. There are phenomenal ways that we can work together &  support you to enjoy being your Divine Self in human form. I can help you to more fully express the loving, glorious being who you innately are. Using spiritual healing arts, specialized aromatherapy, and other holistic modalities, I support you on your highest life path. The Sacred Healer is here to activate the sacred healer within you!

My  invitation for you to join me in this extraordinary work: “Come into Sacred Space; Explore; Go Deeper; Release…Transform, Awaken, Restore. Go forward & Create More!” ~Jecica Aum Heart

On your journey to awakening with The Sacred Healer, let go of attachments and aversions to the issues you are facing at this time. Together, in a safe, sacred & nurturing space, we can shine light into the shadows of the subconscious mind to release limiting defense patterns; dive deeply inward to experience and gain clearer levels of awareness; and utilize extraordinary tools to produce personal and planetary growth. Where you go, others will follow; as you heal and come into greater wholeness, those around you will also experience transformation. In this way, as you grow and self-actualize, you contribute to the healing and evolution of humanity and our Earth home. We are all in need of healing, transformation and support to achieve and maintain higher states of consciousness. This is necessary to assist our Awakening Humanity. It’s a joy to serve you on this journey.

Each client session is customized for you to have greater balance, clarity and peace while aligning you more with your Higher Self. The connection between you and the powerful positive forces within you will be strengthened as you are led through subtle levels of awareness. Jecica Aum Heart (formely Jessica Leed Malloy) is an ordained minister with over 30 years of  intensive training and practice in spiritual techniques and holistic wellness modalities. Jecica offer services online through The Sacred Healer with private sessions via phone and online platforms. Group classes, workshops and retreats are offered periodically.

As a Certified Practitioner of Transformational Prayer, a universal approach to lift, clear and transmute negative and limiting energies, Jecica supports your holistic Journey of Awakening. Divine Wisdom is accessed within the subtle realms of consciousness by connecting to Ascended Masters, Archangels and other “Divine Friends” on this sacred level. Emotional support is available with other Integrated Wellness modalities such as: The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT); The Memory Release Technique (TMRT); and Aroma Reset. These are powerful and effective methods to provide release from negative thoughts, feelings, and memories, even those that have been present for decades, using elements of clinical psychology along with Young Living Essential Oils. Somato Respiratory Integration, Energy Scans and Chakra Clearings are excellent ways to feel more balanced, grounded, and at ease in your body. All of these techniques utilized during sessions with Jecica are to have you feeling more peaceful, joyful, balanced and whole – more capable of being at ease with yourself and expressing your authentic self with others. To get started with Jecica please click here                                                                                                                      Book Sessions Now



Disclaimer: Jecica Aum Heart (Jessica Leed Malloy), The Sacred Healer, is not a medical doctor or mental health professional and does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. Services & products provided by Jecica Aume Heart (Jessica Leed Malloy), The Sacred Healer, are in no way intended to replace medical advice or prescribed health regimes.