A Transformational Prayer Session clears your energetic fields and bodies of the negative, destructive, and unseen forces responsible for many unpleasant, unwanted and harmful thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes. It is very soothing, relaxing and helps produce more clarity and coherence. We focus on what you need to move forward in your life. If you like, we can get personal messages and answers to specific questions from Ascended Masters, Archangels and other “Divine Friends” on a deep, sacred level. Enjoy overflowing with Divine Love & Divine Grace!

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Jecica Aum Heart (formerly Jessica Leed Malloy) is a certified Practitioner of Transformational Prayer, an all-inclusive approach for transmuting limiting energies from people, and for receiving Divine Wisdom. These “Words of Wisdom” are accessed by diving deep within the inner realms of consciousness and connecting on very profound and sacred levels to Ascended Masters, Archangels and other “Divine Friends” who come in the name of Divine Truth and Divine Love. Do you want to ask Jesus a question and get His advice? Do you wish you could connect with Saint Germain? Would you like to hear Divine Mother tell you how deeply loved you are? We can do this in a Transformational Prayer Session after clearing negative & discordant energies from your energy field!

During your Transformational Prayer session, you will be cleared and blessed through a series of prayers which address and remove specific unwanted energies. Jecica, also an Ordained Minister, will name & dispel a myriad of things which are limiting your ability to truly be yourself. After a beautiful invocation, you will be filled with Divine Love, Divine Light & Divine Grace! We will address your mental, emotional, physical, etheric, astral, causal, celestial & spiritual bodies, your belief systems and so much more! You will feel like “your cup runneth over” as you are held in the arms of the Divine during a wonderful two hour-long session completely guided by Divine Beings emanating and aligned with Divine Love. You choose the intention and area of life you wish to target during the session. This is an extensive, intimate healing with the Divine, and you are in for a treat during this extraordinary spiritual experience facilitated by Jecica!

While we all feel refreshed & like a weight has been lifted from us after even just one session, depending on what conditions and influences you have impacting your life, you may wish to book a series of Transformational Prayer sessions with Jecica. This is particularly helpful if you have suffered a traumatic event, have an addiction, or are effected by someone else’s addiction(s). If you have a strong desire to be as clear as possible to support your spiritual awakening & ascension – and your life on every level –  consider booking Transformational Prayer Healing Sessions with Jessica at least once/month. Click the book sessions now button to reach the contact page. Please fill in & submit the contact form. I look forward to being of service to you!

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